2018 ASIS Europe Security Conference in Rotterdam - Repeat Performance by exploqii

exploqii made a presentation at the 2017 European security conference in Milan and has been invited to do a repeat performance in 2018! On April 18, exploqii will speak at ASIS Europe, the annual conference for the world’s largest community of security practitioners. Alongside contributing to the conference’s success with a presentation, the team from Berlin will be manning its own booth in the exhibition hall in Rotterdam.

Representing virtually every industry in the public and private sectors, the members of ASIS International belong to organizations of all sizes.

The slogan of this year’s conference is ‘From Risk to Resilience’.

exploqii’s presentation on the Technology & Solutions track is entitled ‘Information overload: security awareness in the digital era’.

‘The people responsible for security in all areas of public and private enterprises are faced with immense communications-related challenges,’ says Detlev Weise, the exploqii co-founder and CEO. ‘The rules of the game have changed in the era of digitalization – and this directly affects the field of security education. This is why security officers must make a great effort to stay up to date in the communications rat race and gain user acceptance for their messages and content’.

The new circumstances must be taken seriously, otherwise companies will not be able to positively influence user behaviour and eliminate or reduce security risks at the ‘weak link in the chain of defence’.

Click here for more information on the exploqii presentation

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