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Phishing Security Test

Find out what percentage of your users are Phish-prone with our free test

Phishing Reply Test

Find out how many of your users take the bait and reply to a spoofed email!


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Automated Security Awareness Program

Password Exposure Test

Are your users putting a big target on your organization's back?

Phish Alert Button

Give your employees a safe way to report Phishing Attacks with one click

Email Exposure Check Pro (EEC)

Have Your Users Made You an Easy Target for Spear Phishing?

Domain Spoof Test

Can hackers spoof an email address of your own domain?

Mailserver Security Assessment

Find out if the bad guys can penetrate your email filters with our free test

Ransomware Simulator

Is your network effective in blocking ransomware?

Second Chance

Wish your users could "roll back time" when they click a bad link?

USB Security Test

Find out how your users will react to unknown USBs they find!

Breached Password Test (BPT)

Do employees open your network to the bad guys by using hacked passwords?

Weak Password Test

Find out how many weak passwords are in your network

Domain Doppelgänger

Find out if your domain has an evil twin with the Domain Doppelgänger tool

Training Preview

World's largest library of security awareness training content

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